New World Record Aoudad?

NOT the ram in question...or was that even a question?

There is news out of SW Texas that a potential new world record aoudad ram may have been harvested near Rocksprings, Tx very recently.  The ram is rumored to have horn lengths of 44 inches!   Eighty-eight inches of horn coupled w/ even average mass measurements would give the current world records a run for their money, to say the least!

The current SCI scoring record is currently held by LeNan Hancock and scores 166 & 6/8″ SCI, while Larry Casey’s 130 & 7/8″ ram tops the charts in the ROE record book (Hancock’s ram is #2 in ROE).   If these initial reports are true and this new ram does sport close to 44″ horns, it will most likely shattered both records.  Casey’s record ram had 39 & 40 inch horns, while Hancock’s trophy could boast only 39 & 37 inch measurements!  This gives some idea just how big this ram could be…44″ is mind blowing!

We will keep you posted on any pictures or news about this giant ram as it becomes available.

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