Not Your “Typical” Kimble Co. Axis

Trophy Room Spotlight: Braden Shields’ 9-pt Axis

Axis Deer from Kimble CountyFourteen year old, Braden Shields, was luck enough to harvest this amazing non-typical axis buck  in Kimble County, Texas.

Kimble County is located in the heart of the exotic hunting mecca, known as the “Hill Country” of Texas.  There are thought to be more exotics per acre in this area of the Lonestar State, than any other place on earth!  Braden’s buck is beyond a unique trophy.   Though velvet antlered bucks are commonly harvested, taking a 9-POINT axis buck in velvet is anything but common!  Most axis have 6 typical points growing up, back and out above the deer’s head.  Every so often, you will see 1 or 2 extra points growing just above the browtines, but 3 extra points is very rare.  This was Braden’s first ever axis…that’s quite a start, Braden!  Congrats on a super exotic trophy!

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