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Fossil Rim Seeking Donations Post Fire


aoudad_f_yEarlier this year, a fire swept through and damaged buildings at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. Reps for the conservation facility said the Nature Store Gift Shop and a storage building were damaged in the blaze. Fortunately, no humans or animals were injured. The fire was first reported as a brush fire which took 20 firefighters about four hours to put out. Though the center was able to remain open, the repair & rebuilding costs were (and continue to be) costly.

Fossil Rim holds a special place in the hearts of us here at AAE. Back in 2009, when this site was under construction, the park was one of our first stops as we looked to get original photographs of some of the exotic species that called the park home. Many of theses pics can still be seen in our ‘Name Your Game’ animal info pages!

The Exotic Wildlife Association (EWA) recently sent this message, urging it’s members (and others) to help with the rebuild of this wonderful learning center:

fire-fossil-rim-wildlife-center“In February 2014, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center lost its main office and the nature center to a devastating fire.  Dr. Pat Condy and the staff of Fossil Rim are in the process of rebuilding one of the premier wildlife centers in this country.  The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has been instrumental in promoting  non-indigenous and indigenous wildlife  to visitors all over the world who might not otherwise be able to learn about these amazing animals and  fantastic industry any other way.  To rebuild this fabulous wildlife center takes considerable resources.  Please open the following link and see how you can help in this effort and at the same time have your name or ranch on the wildlife center’s walkway for thousands of visitors to see.  Please join the Exotic Wildlife Association in its support of this venture and help Fossil Rim rebuild its facility.”

Join AAE and the EWA in assisting this awesome Texas landmark park with their recovery efforts! Fossil Rim has even started a “brick campaign” to allow people to literally be a PART of rebuilding history!

Via the FRWC website:

“We’ve launched a brick campaign to raise funds for the new Nature Store. Proceeds from the Nature Store represents a significant contribution towards feed and care for over 50 species of animals. Please join us in our conservation efforts by having your name cut in stone for your child, family, school, business, club, society or to honor someone special. By donating to this cause, you are participating in our conservation efforts. It will be a much appreciated donation in our time of need.”

Donations can be sent to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, 2155 County Road 2008, Glen Rose, Texas 76043 or here >>> Help rebuild Fossil Rim Wildlife Center!!

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47th Annual EWA Membership Meeting


EWA logoThe 47th Annual Exotic Wildlife Association Membership Meeting is being held March 14th and 15th, 2014 at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center in San Marcos, TX. The Exotic Wildlife Association’s mission is “to encourage and expand the conservation of both native and non-native hoofstock, and to help [their] members develop and strengthen the markets for their animals” and with a membership of over 3,700 exotic enthusiasts, their once-a-year event is not one to be missed!

ewa casino night 2012Just a few of the weekend’s activities…


Start the day with banquet exhibits, TGR Tropaeology School (from 9 am to noon) and silent auction ending at 4 pm. Then join the fun at the Austin Savanna @ the TDSL Game Ranch in Creedmoor, Texas! Ranch tours run from 3 to 5 pm, leading up to a cocktail reception at 5 and dinner at 6, followed by the now infamous ‘Casino Night’.  Enjoy your favorite casino games like Blackjack, Craps & Roulette from starting at 7:30 and ending with prize drawings at 10:30 pm.  


SableFBThe most important activity associated with the Annual Membership Meeting is the annual election of directors, which takes place during the General Membership Meeting, Saturday morning, starting at 9 am.  Remember, these elected individuals set the policies and procedures for this association.  Saturday afternoon the EWA’s 12th annual Video Animal Auction will take place with some of the finest non-native hoofstock consignments to be found anywhere.  Auction starts at 1:00 pm.  This is an excellent opportunity to buy or sell or just improve the genetics on your ranch.

Saturday night will conclude the membership meeting with dinner and the EWA awards presentations, plus guest speaker John Newby of the Sahara Conservation Fund. The Grand Auction begins at 7:30 and will conclude the event.

“Bring your employees, friends and family and support the association that supports you.”

If you have not registered, please do so as soon as possible. Click here for a full schedule of the weekend’s events. For further information or to register, please contact the EWA office at 830.367.7761 or visit their website @ or email:

Three Species Petition Denied by USFW


via The Exotic Wildlife Association:

“On May, 31, 2013 the United States Fish And Wildlife Service dealt yet another blow to the future of the Scimitar Horned Oryx, Dama Gazelle, and Addax by denying the delisting petition filed by the Exotic Wildlife Association and a similar petition filed by Safari Club International. 

Blaming an antiquated Endangered Species Act for preventing the service from separately classifying captive and wild populations, the conservation of these and other species classified as endangered are being seriously threatened if measures are not taken to revise the ESA signed into law in 1973.

Addax,-Oryx,-GazelleOn the verge of extinction in their native country of Africa, the three species were given a special exemption from the restrictions of the ESA by the USFWS in 2005 because of the efforts of ranchers all over the this country who grew the populations of these animals from a few hundred to several thousand.  After a U.S. District Court reversed this decision in 2009, the three species were placed back under the protection of the ESA.

After this latest ruling by the service the future of these and other captive animals in this country classified as endangered is in jeopardy. The ESA is, as the USFWS says, antiquated and your association is committed to continue our legislative efforts and to assist the House-led Endangered Species Act Working Group to amend and modernize this law by recognizing modern conservation efforts. 

There is a major difference between those animals who are truly endangered in their native countries and those U.S. born animals who continue to flourish because of private ownership.  A large number of ranchers, who propagated these species, have now abandoned their efforts because of the restrictive, onerous and intrusive nature of the permitting process.

Once again this has to be changed legislatively and the EWA is committed more than ever to continue our legislative efforts.”

Charly Seale
Executive Director
Exotic Wildlife Association

Wood Bison to be Reintro’d in Alaska


Wood Bisonvia

North America’s largest land animal is coming back to one of its natural environments. A subspecies of the more commonly known plains bison, the wood bison once ranged wide swathes of Alaska and Canada until the 1900s. A series of environmental factors forced the species to near extinction.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recently announced a plan to reintroduce the wood bison to the state with the end goal of promoting tourism and hunting. Conservation groups have been lobbying for the creation of a wild bison population since 53 of the endangered species were moved to an Alaska quarantine from Canada. Their efforts were stalled by concerns that the bison might interfere with gas and oil development.

So far, the FWS plan involves moving a “nonessential experimental population” of the animals to an area near Fairbanks, Alaska. The region was historically a bison range before they became endangered. The bison will be kept under careful surveillance for a short period to allow them to acclimate, and then released into the wild.

[Read the full story here]

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