If you are looking to add exotic hoofstock to your ranch or sell excess animals, Kifaru Exotics might just be your place.  Located just outside of Lampasas, Texas, Kirafu will be holding it’s 3rd exotic auction of 2012 this weekend.

kirafu exotic auction sableEvent: Kirafu Exotic Animal Auction
Date: May 5/6, 2012
Location: 10831 South Highway 183, Lampasas, Tx 76550
(13 miles south of Lampasas)

Kirafu Exotics offers consignors and buyers the most state-of-the-art facility of its kind in the world for the safe care and handling of exotic animals and birds.  Jurgen  Schulz, an internationally known exotic animal supplier and his associates, have the knowledge, contacts, resources and experience to offer the finest auction services available for trade of wild and exotic animals and birds. The results of Schulz’s success in capturing and trans-location of rare and endangered species can be seen today in zoos around the world, and continues through the  Kifaru Exotic Animal  Auction.

“Whether buying or selling,  Kifaru is where the legacy continues”

For more information or future auction dates, contact Kirafu Exotics @ 512-556-8251 or visit their website – www.KirafuExotics.com