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Welcome to Vic’s Exotics

Vic’s Exotics is owned and operated by Victor Hollender out of Harper, Texas.

As a teenager, Vic got his start selling ducks and chickens on a local level before eventually graduating to larger game animals.  He began coming to Texas more than 15 years ago, before the decision to make the Lonestar State his permanent residence almost a decade ago.   Texas now serves as the epicenter for his exotic animal business that helps supply exotics for some of the largest & most well known game ranches in North America.

Today, Vic’s Exotics buys, sells, trades, captures, and transports exotic animals just about anywhere within the continental United States.

Game Capture & Transport
Looking to remove excess animals from your ranch or land?  Vic’s specializes in exotic game capture, transport & relocation of these animals.  We also buy surplus stock from ranches from time to time.  So, not only will we help you with the removal of any unwanted animals from your property, we may even pay you to do so!

Services Include:

  • Helicopter Capture
  • Darting
  • Drop Net Catches
  • Delivery
  • Removal of Excess Animals
  • Relocation of Animals
  • Ranch to Ranch Transport

I’m different from others in the business, because I do what I say I’m going to do, and I pay you when you want to be paid…not when it’s convenient for me.” — Vic Hollender

So, for your exotic game capture needs…whether it’s selling, trapping or transport — Call us today @ 830.864.4566