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The Double R Ranch is a ranch located in Junction, Texas.  Our focus is breeding some of the finest Trophy Whitetail and Trophy Red Stags available. While we specialize on these two species, we also offer axis, blackbuck, fallow, and exotic rams.  If you are interested in any of the species, feel free to contact us at anytime or you can check us out at .

Fallow stripping velvetWhile committed to the breeding of trophy whitetail and trophy red stag, The Double R Ranch also consists of wildlife such as elk, fallow, blackbuck, red lechwe, and axis deer.  While working with world class genetics from New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, The Double R Ranch prides itself in producing top quality trophies.  Our breeding facility consists of 40 acres of breeding pens and also an AI facility focused, not only on good conception rates, but also reducing the stress on the animals.

The Double R Ranch’s red deer consists of mainly the Furzeland bloodline, with a mixture of other proven bloodlines, to create great antler configuration.  Some of our hinds have come from one of the best red deer farms in Canada, while others have come from one of the best breeders here in Texas.  Our focus in producing trophy antlers is producing stags with long, massive main beams,  good tine length and multi-points.  In 2010, we  inseminated our hinds with some of the best genetics that New Zealand has to offer.

•   A few of our current stags and AI sires:

Coco at 5 years oldStag 308

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